Put the following into the correct order.

1. oval / Venetian/ ancient/ valuable / glass

2. square /' wooden / old / nice / table

3. modern / stone / large / beautiful / cottage

4. pretty /' French / young / a lot of/ girls

Choose the right word.

1. I don't like horror films. I think they are (frightening / frightened) and ( boring / bored). 2. Don't look so (surprising / surprised). 3. It was a (tiring / tired) journey. I Put the following into the correct order. wish 1 hadn't had it. I eel completely (exhausting / exhausted) after it.

Open the brackets and use the comparative form of the adjectives and adverbs.

1. This exercise is (simple) than that one. 2. Why are you talking? Please be (quiet). 3. He is (clever) than his brother. 4. My (old) sister is 4 years (old Put the following into the correct order.) than me. 5. He has мейд (few) mistakes than yesterday. 6. This matter is (urgent) than that one. 7. (far) details will be given tomorrow.

Complete the sentences with 'than' or 'as... as' or 'the same... as'.

I. Everybody was shocked. Nobody was more shocked ...Nick. 2. I wish you Put the following into the correct order. were ...pretty ...your mother. 3. He is ... age ...my brother. 4. I earn ...much money ...he does. But she earns more ...we both. 5. Prices are not ...in the 1990s.

Paraphrase the following using adverbs where possible.

E g. He gave a bitter smile. - He smiled bitterly.

1. To a European, Chinese has a Put the following into the correct order. strange sound. 2. Your action was a cowardly one. 3.Her movements were clumsy. 4. She has an ugly walk. 5. She gave me a sly glance. 6. Try and give an intelligent answer.

Choose the appropriate adverb.

1 .He lives quite (near / nearly). 2. You've come too (late / lately). 3. It's (pretty / prettily) difficult to speak Put the following into the correct order. to her. 4. I used to work (hard / hardly) to get everything I have got now. 5. His suggestion seemed (highly / high) improbable to us.

Translate into English.

1.Какой язык сложнее, британский либо германский? 2. Волга - самый длиннющий аква путь в Европе, не так ли? 3. Каковы последние анонсы? 4 Февраль Put the following into the correct order. - самый маленький месяц года. 5. Чем длиннее ночь, тем короче денек. 6. Движение на этой улице активно (heavy), как в центре. 7. Это дерево вдвое выше того. 8. Он гостеприимный владелец. Он всегда встречает нас миролюбиво. 9. Наши занятия завершаются 23 июня. 10. Мы встречаемся без четверти три.

Test 6. Adjectives, quantities and amounts, and numbers

Take adjectives Put the following into the correct order. from the phrases below and put them into the columns given. The first phrase has been given for уоu.

Opinion adjectives Descriptive adjectives
general specific size shape age colour nationality material
lovely comfortable leather

1. a lovely comfortable leather armchair

2. a large round wooden table

3. a nice intelligent young man

4. a nasty ugly blue china vase

5. an Put the following into the correct order. old Spanish song

6. a big square metal box

7. a horrible stinking fish

8. a small brown paper bag

9. a valuable ancient Egyptian manuscript

10. a huge red American automobile.

2 Are the adjectives in these phrases in the normal order? Answer 'Yes' or 'No'

1 a long hot day NO

2.a large black dog YES

3.a tall Put the following into the correct order. handsome young woman ...

4.short fat legs ...

5. a new red dress...

6.a big juicy steak...

7.a slim graceful woman...

8.a grey woolen pullover ...

9.a large comfortable armchair...

10.a long difficult journey...

Complete the following pairs of sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets You must use the Put the following into the correct order. '- ed' -form for one sentence in each pair and the '-ing' -form for the other.

1. a) I had nothing to do. I was bored and lonely. (Bore)

b) I had only one book with me but I didn't read it. It was so ... boring....

2. a) I enjoyed Dr. Brown Put the following into the correct order.'s visit. He is a very ... speaker, (interest)

b) We invited them to join us, but they were not really...

3. a) The bad news was very ... (depress).

b) It was a bad day. We were all thoroughly...

4. a) I enjoyed the film . The monster was absolutely ... .(terrify)

b) We Put the following into the correct order. were told there was a bomb in the building. Everyone was absolutely....

5. a) We were rather ..... with the results, (disappoint)

b) The results were very .......

6. a) We were dreadfully late. It was very ... (embarrass)

b) George мейд a perfect fool of himself. He was awfully … .

7. a) Jack looked even Put the following into the correct order. more ...... than he felt. (amaze)

b) She is a brilliant woman. She has the most ... ideas.

8. a) Have you heard what's happened? Isn't it ... (excite)

b) Mary looked calm, but inside she felt really ....

4. Write the comparative and superlative of the following adjectives:

Bad -

Fine –




Hot Put the following into the correct order.-

White –


Angry –


Simple –

Convenient –





Slender –

Generous –

Friendly –

Gentle -

5 Supply the best word or words:

1 .You can write English better ... ..anyone in the class.

a) as b) than с) else

2.Red is my ............. colour.

a)best b) favourite c) dearest

3. ..........people I know are worried the Put the following into the correct order. environment.

a)Most b) The most c) Much

4. Which is the ...... building in this town?

a) eldest b)most old c) oldest

5.My brother is .......than I am.

a) elder b) older

6.At the present time ......people can afford to travel for their holidays.

a) less b)lesser c)fewer d Put the following into the correct order. ) smaller

7. Your car is ....... than mine.

a) very larger b) very much larger c) a lot more larger d) more larger

8. The Lockerbie crash was one of the ... disasters in aviation history.

a)worse b) worst c) most bad d) baddest

9. This novel is so exciting. I can hardly wait to get Put the following into the correct order. to the ... chapter!

a) last b) latest c) newest d) youngest

6. Insert the proper adjective from the list below: