Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава

“I’m afraid so,” said Lily Alys.

Nancy asked if the Chinese girl had had a chance to look at the pages between which she had found the piece of fire-dragon stationery.

“Yes, I did. In the list of shops it mentioned ‘mah-jongg sets.’ Those two words were Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава underlined.”

“That might be a clue,” Nancy said. “Did any thing else happen to cause Mr. Stromberg to discharge you?”

Lily Alys gave a great sigh. “Just before that happened, he went into his office in the back. I wanted to ask him a question, so walked to the door Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава. I was just in time to hear him say on the phone ‘Don’t use books again to get your message across.’ ”

The Chinese girl said she felt sure that Mr. Stromberg knew she had heard him and this actually was the reason he had discharged her. “Oh, I Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава am sorry I failed in my mission,” Lily Alys added woefully.

“Please don’t worry about it,” said Nancy. “You’ve been a big help. Besides, I’m sure you can find a safer position somewhere else with no detective work to do.”

Lily Alys agreed. “But I had hoped Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава to do more to help find Chi Che,” she said.

“You may learn something yet,” Nancy told her. “If you do, be sure to let me know.”

Lily Alys promised to do so, then hung up. Nancy told Aunt Eloise and George what she had just learned, then Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава went back to the book and began to look for shops selling mah-jongg sets. There were several, and since Lily Alys had not mentioned the name of any shop, the young sleuth suggested that Lily hardly had a chance to notice the name. “She probably had to close Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава the book in a hurry, before Mr. Stromberg saw her looking in it,” Nancy surmised.

“But I’ll bet anything he did,” George said.

Aunt Eloise, who had been gazing out the window, said worriedly, “I’m really becoming frantic about Bess. I can’t imagine why she Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава’s staying away so long. She told me she would come directly home, since some of the groceries were needed for supper tonight.”

Nancy urged that she and George delay no longer in trying to locate Bess. They got a list from Aunt Eloise of the three stores Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава to which Bess intended to go, then set out. At the first two stores they learned nothing, but the cashier at the third one, a large market, said she remembered pretty, blond-haired Bess.

“That girl was loaded down with bundles,” she told Nancy and George. “She and a Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава woman behind her were laughing and talking about going in the woman’s car to help the girl get all her packages home.”

“Have you any idea who this woman was?” Nancy asked quickly.

“No, I haven’t,” the cashier answered. “I had never seen her before tonight.”

George Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава and Nancy went out to the street, trying to guess where Bess could have gone.

“Frankly, George, I’m terribly worried,” Nancy said. “That woman who offered to give Bess a ride may be part of the gang that’s holding Chi Che. The woman could even be the forger of Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава the letter to Grandpa Soong!”

“Oh, Nancy, I hope you’re wrong!” George said fervently. “We’d better report Bess’s disappearance to Captain Gray.”

But Nancy was not wrong. At that very moment Bess was seated on a chair, her eyes blindfolded and her hands tied behind her Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава back. She had no idea where she was.

Bess’s heart pounded in fright. She berated herself, “Oh, what a fool I was to get into this mess!”

Her mind raced over events of the past hours. First she had encountered the pleasant woman with Eurasian features in the supermarket Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава. The woman had said that she was a good friend of Miss Eloise Drew, and had offered to drive Bess and her many bundles to the apartment house.

Bess had accepted and the two had gone out to the car. Behind the wheel was a man who Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава, the woman said, was her husband. Bess had noted only that he had red hair.

The moment they had climbed into the rear of the car, the woman had dropped her purse on the floor. Bess had leaned over to pick it up. The next instant she had been pushed Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава down to the floor and warned to keep still or she would be sorry.

Now, Bess thought desperately, she was a prisoner in some unknown place. Was the red-haired man the same one who had taken George from the Columbia campus? The Eurasian woman, who was far Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава from pleasant now, was saying harshly:

“You’d better tell us what your pal Nancy Drew is up to! And you don’t leave here until you do!”


Bookshop Detectives

BESS MARVIN sat in speechless amazement as her two captors continued to quiz her about Nancy’s sleuthing. How Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава had they learned she was working on the case?

“If you won’t talk,” the woman warned in a harsh voice, “you may never see her again!”

Bess was terrified, for she feared these people might carry out their threat. Yet she did not intend to give away any of Nancy Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава’s plans for solving the mystery.

Two rough hands gripped Bess’s shoulders and shook her. She was sure they belonged to the red-haired man.

“Listen here,” he said, “this silence won’t do you any good. If you won’t tell us what’s going Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава on, we’ll get hold of that interfering young detective herself!”

All this time Bess had been desperately racking her brain for a likely story to allay the suspicions of her captors. Suddenly an inspiration came to her.

“Take your hands off me!” Bess ordered. “I’ll tell you Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава why Nancy Drew is in New York.”

“Well, it’s about time,” the woman said unpleasantly. “Talk and be sure it’s the truth!”

Bess explained that Mr. Drew was a lawyer and his law cases took him to many places. Nancy often did research for her father in order to Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава save him time.

“Mr. Drew is planning a trip to Hong Kong,” Bess went on. “He thought if Nancy talked to some people who had been there, and read some good books on the subject, it would be of assistance to him. Mr. Drew’s case Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава concerns a will.”

There was a long silence, then Bess could hear the couple whispering. The imprisoned girl waited in an agony of suspense. Had her explanation been convincing enough? Would they let her go?

In a few minutes the woman spoke. “We’re going to let you go. But not until Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава after dark and not until we get you far away from this place. We don’t want you to know where you’ve been so you can inform the police.”

“Yeah,” said the man. “You’d better not tell the police or anybody else anything, if you Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава know what’s good for you!”

A little later Bess was ordered to get up and walk. The woman held her by one arm, the man by the other. Presently she sensed that they had entered an elevator. She felt the descent, then Bess knew she was being led Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава outdoors. She was shoved into a car and мейд to sit on the floor.

The motor was already running and the car started off at once. The drive was a long one, and so jolting that Bess was continually bumping her face against the hard seats. She felt that she Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава was surely coming out of this adventure with a black-and-blue nose!

Finally, to her relief, the automobile was stopped. The couple helped Bess out and walked her a short distance.

“Don’t move or you’ll get run over,” the woman warned her. “Somebody will come along Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава and find you. And remember, don’t go to the police.”

“Come on!” the man barked.

Bess heard the car door slam and the automobile roar away.

“Oh, where am I?” Bess wondered, thankful to be free, but feeling utterly helpless.

From the freshness of the air and Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава relative lack of traffic noise she figured she was out of the city. She could hear cars not too far away, but apparently none of the drivers saw her. Though Bess had been warned not to move, she did lean over and manage to feel the ground. Dirt and grass!

“I Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава’m at the side of some road,” she thought, straightening up again.

At that instant Bess heard an oncoming car, then a screech of brakes. A moment later a car door opened and someone took off the blindfold. Her rescuer was an elderly man, and in Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава the car sat a white-haired woman.

“Oh, thank you, sir,” Bess gasped in relief. “Please untie my hands, too.”

The man gave a grunt. “They carry these hazings too far!” he said. “What the fraternity boys do is bad enough, but when the sorority girls get to tying new members Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава up and leaving them by the road after dark, it’s going beyond all sense!”

“It certainly is,” the woman agreed.

Bess smiled wanly. She said nothing—unwittingly the elderly couple had supplied her with an explanation that satisfied them.

The man helped Bess into the rear Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава seat of his sedan, and inquired where she would like to be dropped. “At your sorority house?” he asked.

“I think not,” said Bess. “I’d like to go home. Are you going into New York City?”

“Yes, we are,” the man replied. “I’ll be glad to take you home.”

“You Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава are most kind, but just drop me anywhere in the city.”

The couple, however, insisted upon driving Bess to her home. Finally she directed them to the apartment house where Aunt Eloise lived. In Bess’s purse was a small bottle of a lovely French perfume she had purchased Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава that day. As she opened the door to step from the car, she handed the package to the woman.

“Please take this and enjoy it. You have no idea how grateful I am to you.” She hurried across the sidewalk before the woman could comment.

When Bess rang the Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава outer doorbell and announced she was home, she could hear shrieks of delight from the apartment. The inner door clicked open and she hurried to the elevator. Aunt Eloise and the other girls hugged her joyfully, demanding to know where she had been.

“I’m not supposed to tell Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава you,” Bess said. Now that her great fright was over, she could not help teasing the others.

“If you don’t,” threatened her cousin George, “we won’t tell you what we found out this afternoon.”

Bess мейд a face, then told her story. The others Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава were aghast and Aunt Eloise insisted that despite the warning of Bess’s captors, they should tell Captain Gray the whole story.

“I suppose he’ll want me to look through the rogues’ gallery to see if I can find that woman.” Bess sighed wearily. “Well, please ask him Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава to make it tomorrow. I’m starving and I certainly will be glad to tumble into my bed.”

As Aunt Eloise went to telephone the police captain, Nancy and George hurried to the kitchen. They prepared an appetizing meal for Bess and sat down with her while she ate Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава. Then she went directly to bed and the others soon followed.

At breakfast the next morning the whole subject was discussed again. As Bess suspected, Captain Gray had requested her to come to headquarters and try to pick out the woman in the rogues’ gallery. George offered to go with her Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава.

“Maybe I can spot the red-haired man,” she said. The two girls left after the meal was finished.

As Nancy helped her aunt get ready for school, she said, “I’d like to try a little sleuthing from a different angle. I am more and more convinced that Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава Stromberg’s Bookshop is a front for an underhanded scheme. Could you ask some friend of yours to go there and find out if Mr. Stromberg has a new clerk?”

“I could ask my friend Mrs. Becker.”

“I’d like her to do something else, too,” said Nancy. “Do Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава you think she would ask Mr. Stromberg to come to her home and look at some foreign books she’ll say she wants to sell? I’ll get the volumes for her.”

“Certainly,” said Aunt Eloise. “I’ll call her right now.” She smiled. “I suppose while he Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава’s gone, you’ll go to the shop to look around again.” Her niece nodded.

Miss Drew dialed the number. Then, since it was getting late, she introduced her niece to Mrs. Becker and told the two to continue the conversation. Nancy waved good-by to her aunt, then explained her Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава request to Mrs. Becker.

“To avoid suspicion that I’m involved in this plan,” Nancy said, “I’ll have the books delivered to your home instead of bringing them myself.”

Mrs. Becker promised that as soon as the books arrived, she would look them over carefully so that Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава she would know the contents. “Then I’ll go to Stromberg’s Bookshop and talk to the owner. If he agrees to come to my apartment, I’ll let you know what time it will be.”

Nancy thanked her, then hurried off to the bookstore near the university where she Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава had purchased her copy of the Asian book. She bought several foreign volumes in various languages. All of them were old, first editions, and rather hard to obtain, according to the bookshop owner. This was exactly what Nancy had wanted!

“Could you deliver this package immediately?” she asked the Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава owner. The man said yes. After the books were wrapped, Nancy carefully wrote Mrs. Becker’s name and address on the package, paid for all the books, then left the store.

By the time Nancy returned to the apartment, Bess and George were back. “I wasn’t able Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава to identify any photograph in the rogues’ gallery,” Bess said.

“And I didn’t find the red-haired man,” George added.

“They must be new at their racket,” Nancy remarked.

She told the cousins of her plan for sleuthing. “I thought you girls and I would go to Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава Stromberg’s Bookshop while Mr. Stromberg’s at Mrs. Becker’s. You stand guard in the front room, while I take a look in that back room!”

The three girls had just finished their luncheon when Mrs. Becker telephoned. The woman said she had gone over to the shop during Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава the morning but learned little. Mr. Stromberg was most solicitous in helping her pick out a book she planned to buy. There was a new young woman clerk, not too efficient, assisting.

“Mr. Stromberg is coming to my apartment at two o’clock this afternoon,” Mrs. Becker told Nancy Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава.

“Oh, that’s fine,” the young sleuth said. “And thank you for your help, Mrs. Becker.”

At exactly two o’clock Nancy, Bess, and George arrived at Mr. Stromberg’s shop. As prearranged, the girls took up their positions. Bess at once began chatting with the clerk, and Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава took her to a front corner of the shop where the books on fashion designing and dressmaking were located. It was easy for Bess to keep the young woman intrigued by her chatter on the subject of clothes.

George wandered around the shop, trying to pick up any clues which Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава they might have overlooked before. Nancy, meanwhile, had slipped into the back room when the clerk was not looking. She knew that legally she must not open the drawers in the desk or the closet in the room.

“But maybe I can detect something without doing that,” Nancy told herself Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава.

The young sleuth circled the room, looking under the desk and a table, then on the shelves hugging one side of the room. By standing on tiptoe, she could just see what was inside several open boxes on the top shelf.

Suddenly Nancy gasped. “Giant nrecrackers!”

Lying on the Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава shelf next to the telltale box were several sheets of the fire-dragon stationery!

“Oh, this is wonderful evidence!” the girl detective said to herself. “I think I had better report this to Captain Gray at once!”

As she turned to leave the room, Nancy became aware of a Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава familiar voice in the shop. The speaker was Mrs. Horace Truesdale, the woman who had been in the store the first time Nancy had come there.

“Oh, dear!” Nancy said to herself. “Now I won’t dare go out there. Mrs. Truesdale will be sure to see Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава me and she’s such a talker she’ll certainly ask questions, and she may even tell Mr. Stromberg where I’ve been!”

The young sleuth decided there was nothing to do but wait for the woman to leave. But when she looked at her watch, she realized Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава Mr. Stromberg might return at any minute.

Suddenly Nancy became aware of a scraping sound near her. Turning, she was just in time to see a trap door in the floor starting to lift.

“There’s only one thing for me to do,” Nancy thought wildly. “Hide! But where?”


A Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава Suspect Escapes

THERE was only one possible hiding place for Nancy Drew in the cluttered back office of the bookshop—under the kneehole desk. It had a solid front, but fortunately for Nancy it had a six-inch opening at the bottom.

Quickly the young sleuth crawled out of sight Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава. By resting her cheek on the floor and peering out through the opening below the back panel, she could plainly see what was going on.

A moment later a man, carrying a large paper bag, stepped into the room. He was the driver who had trailed George to the Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава hospital when she was masquerading as Chi Che! He was slender and rather short, but muscular looking. Could he be the man who had attacked Grandpa Soong, and the thief who had stolen the archaeologist’s manuscript?

Nancy was greatly excited. There was no question now but that Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава the Stromberg Bookshop was involved in the fire-dragon mystery!

“I wonder what this man is going to do?” the young sleuth asked herself.

Quietly he moved across the room, then he crouched and moved a carton away from one part of the wall. A small safe was revealed.

With Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава deft fingers the man swung the dial left, right, left, then turned the handle. The door opened without a sound.

As the intruder scooped up a stack of papers tied with a cord, Nancy caught a quick glance at the top sheet. It was in Chinese writing.

“That may Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава be Grandpa Soong’s manuscript!” she told herself. “Do I dare try getting it away from him?”

Just then she heard Mr. Stromberg’s voice in the bookshop. The intruder jammed the stack of papers into the bag he was carrying, and went to the trap door Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава. Silently he descended and closed it behind him.

Nancy was thinking fast. She decided to avoid Mr. Stromberg if possible and follow the man with the manuscript. “And I’ll notify the police about both of them,” she told herself.

Nancy wriggled from under the desk, then tip-toed Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава across the room and cautiously raised the trap door. Lying flat on the floor, she gazed into the cellar below. A bright light in the ceiling gave her a clear view of the place. No one was in sight.

“That man must have gone out the cellar door to Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава the street,” the young sleuth concluded. “Well, I’ll do the same thing!”

Quickly she let herself down onto the narrow stairs and closed the trap door after her. Nancy descended and мейд her way to the front of the cellar. As she came out on the sidewalk Nancy felt sure Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава that the manuscript thief could not be far away. She looked up, then down the street just in time to see the slender man disappear around the corner. She started running after him.

“Nancy!” cried a voice behind her, and a second later Bess and George caught up to Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава her. “You had us scared silly!” Bess scolded. “What’s going on?”

Nancy stopped short. Over her friend’s shoulder she caught sight of Mr. Stromberg who was standing in the door of his shop looking at her angrily. Bess and George had revealed her getaway!

At Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава once Nancy decided to give up the chase. “I can’t explain now,” she said. “Bess, go across the street to that drugstore and telephone Captain Gray. Tell him I have pretty good evidence that Mr. Stromberg is involved in some racket and ask him to send detectives here at Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава once. Meanwhile, George and I will guard the store and cellar exits, so Mr. Stromberg can’t get away.”

By this time the shop owner had gone back inside. Bess hurried off to do the errand, as George and Nancy took up their posts. But Mr. Stromberg did not reappear Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава. Within ten minutes two officers, Willet and Fisher, arrived. Nancy quickly explained the situation.

“We’ll go in and talk to Mr. Stromberg,” Officer Willet said. They entered, but were back in two minutes. “Mr. Stromberg isn’t there,” he reported.

Nancy frowned. “Did you look in the cellar? He Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава may be hiding.”

“Yes, we looked down there. Nobody around except that clerk in the shop. She’s scared out of her wits and says she doesn’t know where Mr. Stromberg went.”

“There’s only one answer,” said Nancy. “There must be a secret exit Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава.”

While Officer Fisher remained to guard the street doors of the bookshop, Officer Willet accompanied the three girls into the shop. They went at once to the back room.

“There’s a wall safe behind that carton,” said Nancy. “Maybe there’s another opening behind something else.”

Against the far wall stood Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава a very tall packing case. Nancy dashed over and peered behind it. “Here’s the answer,” she said. “There’s a door leading outside. Mr. Stromberg must have escaped this way.”

The officer and the girls squeezed behind the packing case and opened the door. They found Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава themselves in the rear yard of a department store. They ran across it and went into the service entrance. No one was around.

“Luck was with Mr. Stromberg,” Officer Willet said grimly.

The service entrance opened into the shipping room piled high with packages awaiting delivery. No shipping clerks seemed to Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава be on duty. The officer and the girls rushed ahead until they came to swinging doors which opened into the first floor of the department store.

“Mr. Stromberg мейд an easy getaway,” Willet remarked. “We may as well give up the chase and find him by some other method Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава.”

“You mean at his home?” George asked.

The officer nodded. He and the girls walked around the block until they came to the front of the bookshop. Officer Fisher was amazed to see the four arrive from this new direction. They quickly explained what had happened, then he reported Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава that no one had come out of either entrance to the bookstore.

“Let’s go back and see the clerk,” Nancy proposed.

They entered the shop once more and Officer Willet asked the girl clerk where Mr. Stromberg lived.

“I—I d-don’t k-know,” the girl stammered Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава. “I don’t want to stay here. I don’t like it. Please let me go home!”

“Not yet,” the officer told her. “But don’t be frightened. We’ll take care of you. We just want you to tell us everything you know about Mr. Stromberg.”

“N Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава-nothing,” the girl replied. “I was sent here by an employment agency that has my name. He called up for a clerk. He said another girl had worked here only a few hours.”

“That’s true,” Nancy said.

Officer Willet looked through the desk for a clue to where Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава Mr. Stromberg lived, but found nothing. He picked up a book of customers’ names and read them carefully.

“I’ll phone some of these people to see if they know where Mr. Stromberg lives,” he said.

“I’d suggest that you try Mrs. Horace Truesdale first. She Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава was in here two different times when I was, and seemed to know him well.”

This attempt to locate the bookshop owner failed completely. Mrs. Truesdale said she had no idea where he lived. Other customers gave the same answer.

“I’ll try some of the neighboring stores,” the officer said, and Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава went out. But he came back in a short time and reported that Mr. Stromberg, who had rented the shop six months before, was known as a very uncommunicative person and no one in the other shops knew where he lived.

“We’re stymied for the Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава time being,” George admitted. “But we’ll get those crooks yet!”

Officer Willet smiled. “I like your enthusiasm. I hope we can live up to your hopes.”

Before leaving the shop, Nancy telephoned Captain Gray to tell him the unfortunate result of her endeavors to apprehend the suspects. He sympathized Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава with her, then remarked philosophically :

“That’s a detective’s life! But we never give up.”

He now reported that the police still had no clue to Chi Che Soong’s whereabouts. Furthermore, according to the detective guarding the entrance to Aunt Eloise’s apartment house, no suspicious person had Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава been seen there.

“But something is bound to break soon,” Captain Gray said. “We have so many police working on the case they’re sure to find at least one of the suspects.”

As the three girls started for Aunt Eloise Drew’s apartment, all admitted to being a bit Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава downcast. They had failed to learn anything more to help solve the mystery of Chi Che Soong’s disappearance.

“Nancy,” George said, “if that was the manuscript you saw being taken from the safe, why is Chi Che still being kept away from home?”

“I’m afraid,” Nancy Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава replied, “there’s another reason for her disappearance besides someone wanting to get hold of Grandpa Soong’s work. I believe Chi Che inadvertently found out about some kind of racket, and the gang involved is giving her no chance to report it to the police.”

Bess sighed Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава. “Oh, dear! The poor girl!”

That evening Nancy received a telephone call from Lily Alys Wu. The Chinese girl asked what progress had been мейд on the case. Upon hearing the latest developments, she expressed her own great concern about Chi Che.

“What’s worse,” she added, “I’ve Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава seen Mr. Soong, and I’m afraid he senses now that something is wrong. He doesn’t seem too well and he isn’t doing any writing.”

“How dreadful!” Nancy exclaimed. “I’ll run up to the hospital as soon as I can and try to cheer him a bit.”

“What Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава do you think Mr. Stromberg is going to do now?” Lily Alys asked.

Nancy thought a few seconds, then replied, “I’m afraid he and his pals may skip the country. It’s my guess they may even go to Hong Kong.”

Suddenly Lily Alys broke in Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава excitedly, “Nancy, I just thought of something that may help you solve the mystery!”


Flight Plans

“WHILE I was working in the bookshop,” Lily Alys told Nancy, “I walked to the back room to ask Mr. Stromberg a question. Just like the other time I told you about, he was Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава talking on the phone in a low tone.

“But I caught one thing he said that might have something to do with your case. He said to the other person, ‘You have your ticket? No one will ㅡwith all those students.’ I didn’t catch the one part Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава of the sentence.” Lily Alys asked Nancy what she thought the missing word might be.

“It could be any number of things,” Nancy said slowly. “Of course it might be something completely innocent. But if Mr. Stromberg were talking to one of the gang, the missing part might have been ‘recognize Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава you’ or ‘suspect you.’ ”

“It probably was,” the Chinese girl agreed. “I wonder who the person could have been?”

“And I wonder,” said Nancy, “what the ticket is for. It might be for travel, for the theater, for some sports event—”

“That is one reason I called you Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава,” Lily Alys broke in quickly. “I said maybe I could help you. On a certain flight to Hong Kong from New York, the whole tourist section of the plane has been reserved for Chinese and American students from Columbia University.”

Nancy was excited over the information. “Only I Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава doubt that any students are mixed up in this racket of Mr. Stromberg’s.”

Lily Alys said she was not thinking of the tourist section of the plane. “The first-class section is open to all passengers. I thought the person Mr. Stromberg was talking to might possibly Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава be among those people.”

Nancy was thrilled. “Lily Alys, I believe this is a stroke of genius on your part. How soon does this plane leave?”

“In three days. It’s for a ten-day vacation in Hong Kong.” Lily Alys chuckled softly. “I understand that the tourist section has not been Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава entirely filled. Perhaps, if you care to go to Hong Kong yourself, I can arrange for you to have one of the seats.”

Nancy felt a surge of excitement over this possibility. She thanked Lily Alys and said she would let her know if she wanted a Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава reservation. “As a matter of fact, my father and I were planning to go to Hong Kong sometime soon. Maybe we could take this flight!”

“But the tourist section is only for students,” Lily Alys reminded the young sleuth.

“My father could go first class,” Nancy told her. “He Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава might spot the suspect without being recognized. I’ll try to obtain a list of the passengers who have signed up so far.”

“Do you think Mr. Stromberg may be one of them?” the Chinese girl asked.

“Possibly,” Nancy replied. “But if so, I’m sure he’ll be traveling under Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава an assumed name and I would have to see him to identify him. But I can alert the police, anyway, and also tell them other members of the gang may be aboard.”

She thanked Lily Alys for the helpful informamation, then at once called Captain Gray. He too Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава felt that perhaps Nancy had picked up an important clue. “I’ll call you back and read you the list of first-class passengers,” he promised, “as soon as I get them.”

Hardly half an hour had gone by when he telephoned. The passengers’ names were in Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава alphabetical order and none was familiar to Nancy until he came to the T’s.

“Mrs. Horace Truesdale!” Nancy exclaimed.

“You know her?” the officer asked quickly.

“Well, no, not exactly. But twice I saw her in Stromberg’s Bookshop. She seemed to be a regular customer.”

“That doesn’t Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава prove anything, of course,” Captain Gray said. “Nevertheless, I will find out more about her and let you know.” He read the rest of the list of passengers but none was known to Nancy.

Within a short time the officer once more called Nancy, this time to report Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава that there was nothing suspicious about Mrs. Horace Truesdale. She was a widow who lived alone in a middle-class apartment house. “She’s reputed to be a great reader and often goes on trips to visit friends.”

The officer finished his conversation by telling Nancy that there still Pursuit of the Sea Furies 4 глава was no news on any of the suspects in the Chi Che Soong case. “But members of the force will be on хэнд to watch everyone boarding the plane to Hong Kong.”